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What we do...

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Boundary Survey

Establish all of the exterior limits of a parcel of land. Courthouse research is performed. Analysis of all information regarding the property corners recovered is then analyzed, and all boundary limits are then flagged in the field.

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Mortgage Survey

A mortgage survey is a survey that includes a boundary survey and also shows all improvements, which are located on the subject property and any encroachments from neighboring properties.

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Topographic Map

This is a visual representation of the lay of the land. This map will include all features on the parcel, man-made or natural, and their relationships to each other horizontally and vertically.

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Municipality Survey
and Plat Map

This survey is required when a new parcel is to be created within a district that has adopted a land development ordinance. Certified Survey Maps are created in order to meet guidelines set forth in Land Development Ordinances and planning department agencies.

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Flood Elevation

Mostly used to determine the cost of obtaining flood insurance. Unlike a mortgage, insurance never ends, so it is important to have a thorough and complete Flood Elevation Certificate to ensure you are getting the proper flood insurance rate.


Welcome to Patrick Martino
Professional Land Surveying, Inc.
Biloxi, Mississippi

Located in the City of Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi. Patrick Martino Professional Land Surveying (PLS), Inc. can fulfill any land surveying needs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast including in Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Harrison Country, Jackson County and throughout the state of Mississippi.

Because our company has experienced, dedicated surveyors, who take pride in the quality of their work, you can be sure that your survey will be done with integrity and to the highest standard of excellence.

Surveys can be performed based on the specific requirements of the client and the intended use of the survey. Often times we will inquire about the purpose of ordering the survey in order to ensure that we perform exactly what you need, in order to accomplish the task at hand. It is common for individuals to be told by a lending company or other agency that they need to have a survey; however, some individuals may not be sure of the information that they need on their survey. Because we want to complete your survey in a timely manner and do not want to charge you for something you do not need, we will discuss the client's requirements and tailor our survey to their individual survey needs. After discussing the requirements of the survey and obtaining pertinent boundary information, we can provide a detailed quote based on your specification. To discuss your project or obtain a quote, please contact us.

One example of a specific need would be if you are putting up a fence. You would not necessarily need all of the improvements (improvements being your home, driveway, shed, etc.) on your property located to accomplish this goal. You would simply need a boundary survey. See more reasons here.